All our R&D revolves around enhancing human potential. Our researchers work hard to identify the science behind day-to-day problems involving human behaviours, productivity and capacity. We don't stop at that, but go on to develop effective, scientific and standardised solutions to break long-standing impasses.

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Human Cognition Insights. Informed Decisions. Enhanced Productivity.


To undertake large-scale research projects in order to gather the requisite scientific data for our R&D to use that we may generate the most impactful hypotheses, design experiences to test these hypotheses, and to interpret, learn and generate more hypotheses that help us understand human science including cognitive performance and longevity..


We want to better understand human science that directly contributes to human cognitive enhancement, performance and longevity, and use the knowledge we gain to develop solutions that enable people to peak cognitive performance, and to live longer and healthier lives.


Say no to guesswork. We provide evidence-based assessments and effective strategies that help bridge the gaps humankind has been facing in optimizing human performance, improving life-span and health of mind and body. We are helping optimize human performance to be future-ready. Let science assist.




  • Teachers Cognitive Ability & Analysis with Collective Intelligence (Ci)
  • Scientifically evaluates Cognitive Capacity, Aspiration value, Cognitive Gaps, Knowledge Factor, Creative Quotient, Dynamic IQ, Focus Factor (attention), Decision-making ability, Dominant Thinking Pattern, Classroom Delivery Style
  • Schools will be able to determine Current Cumulative Ci Score Vs Individual Score; get recommendations per teacher.
  • Psycat – Vocational: For vocational skills development assessment and employability
  • Psycat – Career: For fresher career path selection, employability identification, skills match identification and advanced courses need identification
  • Psycat Pro – CI, LQ, Attention Span: The need for Collective Intelligence (CI) for future workplaces, Learnability Quotient (LQ) for
  • Teachers For Tomorrow - A Certified Job-Guarantee program to churn out high-standard educators for all locations and specializations.
  • For Graduates / B.Ed / M.Ed to secure a worthwhile and rewarding career in an increasingly competitive market and dsome Incomes assured post program
  • TFT trains candidates to be futuristic educators with higher order skills





Designed for Institutions, Businesses, Organizations, Govt. Departments, Corporations, Recruiters and more. PSYCAT Pro (Psychometric and Cognitive Ability Test) is the World's 1st Trait Assessment Tool for Adults to test and understand those 8 traits that matters the most viz., IQ, Obsessive traits, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Attitude, Tactfulness, Planning and Patience.



Mukesh Boobalan
Co Founder

Entrepreneur with two and a half decades of multi-disciplinary experience across the board, the man who’s always got a plan, a Corporate Powerhouse! Mukesh has worked with/for COWI, Qualcomm, Alcatel-Lucent, Saint-Gobain, Ikeva, Ford, Shell, Chrysler, Daimler, Accenture, Sutherland, CRISIL, EXL, YAMAHA, Jones Lang Lasalle, Cushman & Wakefield, Colliers, CBRE, Knight Frank, RMZ, Shriram Gateway, TVH, Savills. Research works published in International Journal of Indian Psychology.

Janice Pearl d'Souza
Co Founder

Entrepreneur, Productivity coach and behavioural consultant, experienced in organizational and people development for the public, private and non-profit sectors across India, and outside in UAE, Malaysia, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Iran and Sri Lanka. Expertise in personal productivity, behavioural change, cultural transformation, and leadership. Consulted and worked with some of the leading companies in the world to help them in their behavioural training, change planning, business process improvement, productivity improvement, and more. Research works published in International Journal of Indian Psychology.